Car Door Paste Projector Light
Car Door Paste Projector Light
Car Door Paste Projector Light
Car Door Paste Projector Light
Car Door Paste Projector Light
Car Door Paste Projector Light
Car Door Paste Projector Light
Car Door Paste Projector Light

Car Door Paste Projector Light

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  • Suitable for all vehicles, lighting steady and constant, clear and soft.

  • Easily to install it by yourself with the 3M adhesive sticker, wireless design, no more troubles of making holes.


  • Magnet sensor design. It will light up when you open the door and the light turn off once you close the door.


  • Multiple Stickers Choices




  • WEIGHT: 120G.
  • SIZE: 6.5 X 6.3CM 

Product features

    • Energy-efficient.Durable and portable.
    • No pollution, no noise, no electronic interference.
    • Leading the trend of automotive lighting.
    • AC lens with high permeability.
    • Can be installed on the left and right sides of the door, polite door lighting makes your car artistic.
    • Easy to install, no drilling is required, just stick the light to the door panel and attach a magnet to the bottom of the frame. Do not harm the car.
    • Decorated with ghostly shadow lights, when you stop the car, you can display shadows on the road, giving the driver more driving pleasure.

    Install Instruction

    1. Put 3 pcs AAA(1.5V) batteries in the battery case and install them according to the positive & negative as marked in the case.
    2. Stick the Magnet on the bottom of the car frame. Stick the car light on the car door. The distance between the Magnet & Car light is about 10mm. When you close the car door, the Magnet is at the under the face of the sensor on the car logo light.
    3. When you open the door, the logo will be shown on the ground, and it will turn off automatically after 2 minutes. If you want the light on/off, just need to press the button on the head of the light.

    pay attention:

    How to paste 3M glue is more firm:

    1. Pay attention to the position that needs to be pasted. It must be cleaned with dust or oil on the windshield. You can use alcohol or clean water to clean the position where it needs to adhere to. After the surface is dry, stick it.
    2, when pasting, do not touch the rubber surface with your hands, because the oil stains or fingerprints on the hands will make the 3M adhesive greatly weakened. Worried that the direct paste is not strong enough, you can use a lighter or a hairdryer to heat the rubber surface to make it stronger.
    3. After sticking, press by hand for 1 minute to let the air out.

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